Group picture, Fall 2022. Left to right, and top to bottom row:
Xi, Sam, Zack, Wolfgang; Supriya, David, Shrey; Sonia, Abdullah, Ále; Michael, Owen.


Wolfgang Pfaff
Assistant Professor of Physics

Email: wpfaff
PhD, TU Delft 2013
MSc, Univ. of Regensburg 2009

Current lab members


Xi Cao

Postdoc since 2021

Email: xicao
PhD, Pitt 2021
BSc, Wuhan University 2014

Supriya Mandal

Postdoc since 2022

Email: supriyam
PhD, TIFR 2022
BSc, Univ. of Calcutta (2015)

Graduate students

Ale Baptista

Grad student since 2020

Email: aeb7
BS, Harvey Mudd 2018

Michael Mollenhauer

Grad student since 2020

Email: mcm16
BS, UT Austin 2020

Sam Cross

Grad student since 2020

Email: jscross3
BS, Tulane 2020

Abdullah Irfan

Grad student since 2021

Email: irfan3
BS, Lahore Univ. of Management Sciences 2021

Sonia Rani

Grad student since 2021

Email: soniar2
MS, IIT Bombay 2020

BS, Univ. Delhi 2018


Shreyaans Jain

Class of 2023, joined 2021

Email: sj27

Owen Stephenson

Class of 2024, joined 2021

Email: owends2

Zack Xiong

Class of 2023, joined 2022

Email: zelongx2


Marcos Frenkel

Code wizard

Email: marcosf2
BS, UIUC 2020

Lab history

Former members

Who?PositionFate and last known whereabouts
Nick ClarisseGrad student 2020/21Became a theorist
David DingGrad student 2020-22Grad student at UIUC
Ada MatthewsREU student 2021Undergrad at Greenville University
Hebah GoderyaREU student 2021Undergrad at UT Austin

Old group pictures

Group picture Fall 2021
Our first group picture! (early 2021)
(Virtual retreat to a supervillain lair in the high mountains)