Pool night at Jupiter’s, December 2023.
Top row, left to right: Xi, Abdullah, Kaushik, Ale, Jasper, Oliver, Philip, Supriya.
Bottom row: Matt, Wolfgang, Michael, Sam.


Wolfgang Pfaff
Assistant Professor of Physics

Email: wpfaff
PhD, TU Delft 2013
MSc, Univ. of Regensburg 2009

Current lab members


Xi Cao

Postdoc since 2021

Email: xicao
PhD, Pitt 2021
BSc, Wuhan University 2014

Supriya Mandal

Postdoc since 2022

Email: supriyam
PhD, TIFR 2022
BSc, Univ. of Calcutta (2015)

Graduate students

Ale Baptista

Grad student since 2020

Email: aeb7
BS, Harvey Mudd 2018

Michael Mollenhauer

Grad student since 2020

Email: mcm16
BS, UT Austin 2020

Sam Cross

Grad student since 2020

Email: jscross3
BS, Tulane 2020

Abdullah Irfan

Grad student since 2021

Email: irfan3
BS, Lahore Univ. of Management Sciences 2021

Sonia Rani

Grad student since 2021

Email: soniar2
MS, IIT Bombay 2020

BS, Univ. Delhi 2018

Philip Kim

Grad student since 2023

Email: jk101
MS, TU Delft 2023

BS, Yonsei Univ. 2021

Jasper Bradford

Grad student since 2023

Email: jasperb3
BS, Utah 2023

Kaushik Singirikonda

Grad student since 2023

Email: ks105
BTech, IIT Bombay 2023

Oliver Wolff

Grad student since 2023

Email: owolff2
BS, Johns Hopkins 2023

Harshvardhan Mantry

Incoming grad student 2024

Email: hmantry2
BS, UIUC 2024


Matt Steele

Class of 2023, joined 2021

Email: msteele3

Tushar Mohan

Class of 2026, joined 2023

Email: tusharm4

Jonathan Nolan

Class of 2027, joined 2024

Email: jmnolan5

Jeremy Lin

Class of 2025, joined 2023

Email: jl190


Marcos Frenkel

Code wizard at NCSA

Email: marcosf2
BS, UIUC 2020

Lab history

Former members

Who?PositionFate and last known whereabouts
Nick ClarisseGrad student 2020/21Grad student at UIUC (became a theorist)
David DingGrad student 2020-22Grad student at UIUC (became a theorist)
Ada MatthewsREU student 2021Undergrad at Greenville University, IL
Hebah GoderyaREU student 2021Undergrad at UT Austin
Omri RazREU student 2023Grad student at U Chicago
Zack XiongUndergrad 2022-2023Grad student at Georgia Tech
Shreyaans JainUndergrad 2021-2023Pondering the future
Owen StephensonUndergrad 2021-2024Pondering the future
Fabian SchatzVisiting undergrad 2024Student at TU Munich

Old group pictures

Outing to Rigg’s, summer 2023.
Top row, left to right: Omri, Abdullah, Supriya, Xi, Matt, Sam, Ale, Jeremy, Marcos.
Bottom row: Sonia, Michael, Wolfgang.
Group picture, Fall 2022. Left to right, and top to bottom row:
Xi, Sam, Zack, Wolfgang; Supriya, David, Shrey; Sonia, Abdullah, Ále; Michael, Owen.
Group picture Fall 2021
Our first group picture! (early 2021)
(Virtual retreat to a supervillain lair in the high mountains)