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Parametrically controlled chiral interface for superconducting quantum devices (Cao et al)

Our first experimental paper is finally on the arXiv!Xi and team have realized an on-chip circulator that can be interfaced seamlessly with superconducting qubits. We have developed a circuit composed of 3 flux-tunable ‘SNAIL’ resonators. By parametrically driving these, we can route microwave photons nonreciprocally. Take-homes: Link to the preprint:

Loss resilience of driven-dissipative remote entanglement in chiral waveguide quantum electrodynamics (Irfan et al)

Our first theory paper! Abdullah et al studied the impact of waveguide loss on driven-dissipative stabilization of remote entanglement in chiral waveguide QED. This work was done together with the Clerk theory group at U Chicago. Main take-homes of the study: Link to the preprint:

Open postdoc position

We have a new opening for a postdoc! This position is for a project focusing on modular quantum computing with superconducting and hybrid quantum circuits.  These efforts will include experimental investigation of open systems and synthetic nonreciprocity. We’re looking for a person that has a strong track record in experimental quantum science and a good […]

Zhou et al: Realizing all-to-all couplings among detachable quantum modules using a microwave quantum state router

Our friends and collaborators at Hatlab (with Wolfgang as collaborating author) show a modular quantum computing architecture based on quantum routing with controllable 3-wave mixing. Full citation: C. Zhou et al., Realizing All-to-All Couplings among Detachable Quantum Modules Using a Microwave Quantum State Router, Npj Quantum Inf 9, 54 (2023). Link to reviewed paper: […]

Hello world

Not much else to say about it 🙂 Our lab is currently in the setting-up phase (as of February 2021). We are, however, making rapid progress: We are planning to be fully operational by Summer 2021 and are going to run exciting experiments soon. Check out the research page for a brief overview.